Argentina – Province of Cordoba – Maternity Hospital, client reaction on CB Sustainable Finance Deal of the Year Award 2020

Winner of the Corporate Bank Sustainable Finance Deal of the Year Award 2021 The video is the reaction of our client, Roque Spidalieri, Viceminister of Finance of the Province of Cordoba, to the Deal of the Year Award. Project Details: - The Project consists of the construction of a new Maternity Hospital in the province of Cordoba, Argentina, aimed to provide the highest standards of care for mothers during the pregnancy period, deliver, and post-partum attention. The hospital is linked to the university of Cordoba, where future doctors can also be lectured. - The hospital benefits a population of over 600,000 citizens, replaces the existing infrastructure that is over 100 years old, tripling the size of the current facilities. It is the most relevant Maternity in the country after those of Buenos Aires. - Based on the fact that this project is publicly sponsored, Eductrade has optimized affordable basic infrastructure with high quality New-borns UCIs, video operating rooms, bone densitometry cells, and other state-of-the-art facilities within the same hospital, to the extent that this has become a flag-ship project for the current administration of Cordoba - Access to quality medical service is a fundamental human right, particularly if it is affordable for its citizens, reason why DB has considered it as an example of sustainable finance.